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Renegade & Longton – The Pioneers of Elderflower Sparkling Wines

Posted on November 7, 2017 by James

The sparkling alternative to traditional wines


It is widely known wine is made from grapes. Less well known is that Britain has a long and ancient tradition of fermenting a wide range of fruits, flowers, herbs and leaves that used to be the norm for our largely rural ancestry over 100s and 1000s of years.  While the Romans and some monasteries struggled with grapes not well suited to our climate the rest of the population enjoyed a rich diversity of other wines right up to Victorian times.

Newcomers Renegade & Longton have made it their mission to revive those once popular drinks but with a modern twist. They have produced fine sparkling wines made from fruits and flowers using the “traditional method” of in bottle fermentation.  They have created two remarkable sparkling wines made with elderflower and a blend of rhubarb and berries.

The Pure Elderflower is dry, fruity and floral. A generous nose that opens to a fresh and crisp aroma. It’s perfect for pairing with nuts and olives, oysters, canapés, salmon and hard cheeses. The Elderflower Blush sparkling wine exhibits aroma of vibrant fresh red fruits, underpinned by nutty yeast complexity. Perfect as an aperitif or with an afternoon tea, it also pairs well with desserts and cheeses.

The flavour and texture of both sparkling wines is light and refreshing making these the perfect drinks for the alternative to the traditional sparkling wine options. The perfect bottle to bring, share and enjoy with friends for pre-Christmas drinks and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The newcomer in the sparkling wine market is available for purchase from mid-November, from at £18; the Wine Pantry in Borough market, price to be confirmed, and Cartwright Brothers at the Borough market, price to be confirmed.

Brendan says ‘The idea was formed when my little brother, living an eccentric life on the Isle of Skye made an ‘elderflower champagne’ following a traditional recipe for his best friends party, there the seeds were planted for a new drink.’ ‘The Victorians originally popularised champagne and sparkling wine. experimented with the ingredients and flavours to a great extent, so we want to bring back this invention to the industry and want to pioneer the next stage in the innovation of sparkling wine.’



Renegade & Longton was established by Brendan Thomson and Richard Neal.

Richard comes from a medical background with a lifelong passion for experimental wine making. He is a qualified wine maker having trained with Plumpton college.

Brendan Thomson qualified as an accountant in London with BDO working in both audit and tax. For some reason, he has decided a life making sparkling wine will be more enjoyable. He originally grew up on the Isle of Skye before leaving to study law at the University of Glasgow.

The Perfect Serve:

The bottle should be chilled to between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius and served in a champagne flute which is at room temperature.

Trade price:

£11.25 ex VAT (£13 with VAT) Bulk sales prices on request.

Tasting Notes:

Pure Elderflower: light, dry, fruity and elderflower, (as you’d expect).

Blush Elderflower:  light, dry, distinctly rhubarb with other red berries

Residual sugar

White – 0.8g per 100ml, or 6g in 75cl bottle

Blush – 0.9g per 100ml, or 7g in 75cl bottle

White – Alcohol 12%

Blush – Alcohol 12%

Available from –

SRP:  £18

If you have any questions, would like samples, interviews or images, please contact:


26 Ganton Street


T: +44 (0)207 439 9127

M: +44 (0)7951 966 578



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