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Crystal Maze

In 2015, the public overwhelmingly backed Little Lion Entertainment’s dream of bringing back The Crystal Maze as a live experience that everyone could participate and star in. From the moment the project was announced the response was remarkable and, to date, over 100,000 very happy people have been through the London maze.  In Spring 2017 the success of the Live experience triggered a return of The Crystal Maze to television and a Stand Up To Cancer special was filmed on site and aired on Channel 4.

On April 1st 2017 The Crystal Maze Manchester opened its doors in the very heart of the great city, with bigger and better zones jam-packed full of entirely new games, alongside new iterations of old favourites.

Once in The Crystal Maze, groups of eight contestants are guided through four zones – Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Future – by a personal Maze Master. As they make their way through, contestants compete in a variety of games in four categories – Physical, Mental, Skill or Mystery – each designed to test their strength under pressure. The more games they win, the more crystals they get and at the end of their time in the maze, the crystals will be converted into precious time in the Crystal Dome.

Twitter: @CrystalMazeHQ

Facebook: The Crystal Maze : A Live Immersive Experience