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Kennington Tandoori

Kennington Tandoori, the iconic neighbourhood restaurant serving up traditional Indian food in Kennington, South London, boasts a reputation for delicious and authentic food – with tradition and friendliness at the heart. With the ethos of providing the best Indian cuisine in London at its core, the menu combines new and exciting dishes along with modern twists on the classics.

Affectionately known as ‘The KT’, the vibe is all about comfort dining but to the highest standard. Featured in J K Rowling’s new book and famous for being David Cameron’s last supper, the restaurant is ideally located just over the river from parliament and is a firm favourite with the UKs political leader’s. The KT was even mentioned during Prime Ministers Question Time – the only restaurant to have been so. Regular guests include: Boris Johnson, Ann Widdecombe, John Prescott, George Osborne, Kenneth Clarke and Jeremy Hunt to name a few.