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Island Records Session IPA

Developed by SoundWaves, brewed by Two Tribes, launched by Island Records, this laid back, session strength Indian Pale Ale is bursting with juicy hop aromas, and flavours of citrus and tropical fruits.

Two years ago, Robin Pearson, aspiring brewer and music lover was approached by Island Records and asked to create a bespoke brew that captured the flavour of the label. Under the name of his own gypsy brewing company SoundWaves Ltd., Robin went from home brewing, to launching a full-scale, commercial beer in collaboration with one of the world’s most iconic record labels.

Island Record’s music-inspired craft beer ‘Session IPA’ , brewed in the spirit of the ‘Island’, has unique tropical flavours, dedicated Spotify playlists and distinctive label. This beer is crafted to perfection, in living memory of all the music Island Records represents.


Twitter: @irsipa